Ballroom C
User Experience Design: The Evolution
02:45 PM - 03:15 PM
The user experience of an application depends on a number of elements that go far beyond visual design and interaction design. Developers continually make decisions that drastically influence the user experience and we are often unaware of it.

In this talk we will delve into the main elements that developers must design thinking about the user experience: from functionalities, conceptual model, information architecture to interactions.

We will share what we learned when we created K2B FARO and how we integrated these elements into the construction process, creating a living and integrated design system in the patterns. We also incorporate UX practices in each step of this process, obtaining a product that improves UX in each update.

We achieved a repeatable process that evolves and a team of business analysts, developers and testers with new skills in UX: today we are all designers.