Conference Room
Time to be born and die
02:45 PM - 03:15 PM
This is a conference that contributes to providing clarity of thought on one of the most relevant issues in the current business context: How to generate changes at a personal and organizational level to adapt what the author calls "a new season" impacted by a technological disruption that has impacted all the business paradigms and models we knew and for which we were more or less prepared.

This is a conference on transformation at a personal and organizational level in which three fundamental principles that were developed by the author through 15 years of experience in organizational change and project leadership in Latin America are provided. While change management has always been a central issue in the world of organizations, for some years there has been a sense of urgency to change, caused by technological disruption, which had not been perceived so far. Since there are good books that approach the subject from a point of view of the steps to follow for the implementation of the change, de los Campos will not focus on the practices, but will talk about principles to face the changes. It is often said that the only permanent thing is change and that we have to constantly adapt and that is correct, but the conference is not about chronological changes (chronos) but about seasonal changes (Kairos). A season is a period of time that has a specific purpose, therefore, a change of season is a time of profound change and on this the conference is based. To achieve change on a personal and organizational level, in a world that revolutionizes, we must break everything that is not helping us move forward; remember, connecting with our root, with the purpose that derives from our talents. And finally, we must build on what we are, mobilized by a vision that impacts our present and gives us the reasons we need to do the part that touches us, here and now.
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