How to make my application accessible to more than 1 billion users?
08:45 PM - 09:15 PM
An interesting topic for all audiences that aims to make their websites and applications developed in GeneXus accessible.
We will be learning how we can make our websites and applications accessible, so that we can ALL be participants in this digital age.

Today, mobile devices are an extension of the human body, having in our hands or pockets an even greater computing power than the computer that was used for the landing of NASA astronauts on the Moon!
As a society, we increasingly depend on this technology that is already an integral part of our lives. Currently, there are more than 1.2 billion websites on the Internet and more than 5.8 million mobile applications, but how many applications and sites are accessible?
When a company launches an application to the market, it must consider accessibility as an important factor in its applications because it would be leaving more than one billion people worldwide who are disabled; To avoid this, it is essential that from our roles in the projects we are defenders of accessible design and development.
If you don't know about it or are interested in exploring it further, then this talk is for you! What is the a11y, the wcag 2.1, its principles and the fundamental criteria, will be of the main topics that we will be addressing.
The invitation is made for everyone, I wait for you in this talk where we will see how we can avoid accessibility problems in GeneXus applications from very early stages of development and thus achieve together a technological landscape without barriers.

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