Ballroom A
GeneXusAI: Past, Present & Future
02:00 PM - 02:30 PM
We will see what functionalities the GeneXusAI module provides us, how much it has grown in the last year and how it is evolving to improve its experience in the development and integration of solutions with Artificial Intelligence.

GeneXusAI is a built-in module that allows you to extract information from unstructured data types (natural language text and multimedia files) in order to analyze them computationally without human intervention. In this sense, we can identify faces and objects in images, transcribe text from an audio, translate in different languages, among others; tasks that would traditionally be done by a human being using his sense of vision and hearing, and his knowledge of language. During the presentation we will study what features the module offers us, how we can learn from new data to design specific solutions and what offline inference is about.

Note: This text was automatically translated.